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New Clients vs Old Clients; Are You Treating Them Right?

In Canada there are really only a couple of legit cellular providers. This creates a really unfortunate scenario for consumers. Where a lack of options exist, so does a lack of competition. With two providers holding a near monopoly, finding a great deal on a mobile plan and phone is highly unlikely. Now that I’m […]

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Taxis, Uber and the Dying Art of Customer Service

As a bit of a traditionalist, one trend I’ve always avoided is ride-share/Uber/Lyft. For whatever reason, I’ve just felt like taxis were more trustworthy. This assumption, for the record, is based on absolutely no actual fact or knowledge. It’s just one of those deals where cabs have been around forever when you need a ride, […]

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Burned Breadsticks

Last night I ordered pizza. Pizza from a reputable, national franchise. I’m not naming names. This isn’t about shaming and calling out. It’s about a learning experience. For you. For me. After I returned home from picking up the pizza, I dove into my box of breadsticks like a savage beast who hadn’t eaten in […]

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Five Lessons Learned From Two Customer Service Fails

These days, as sad yet true as it is, I enter into my customer service experiences with other businesses anticipating misery. Some will say that’s a negative mindset. I can’t argue that. Others might warn that in doing so, I’m creating a self-fulfilling prophesy. Perhaps. Then there’s the rest of you. Who feel exactly the […]

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