When Is Enough Enough… Or Too Much???

A few days ago I had a chat with a voice actor looking for some advice on marketing. They were referred to me by another voice talent I’ve coached, and I was happy to spend a little time answering a few of their questions. As the conversation went on, the talent embarrassingly stated I was […]

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13 Minutes for $10,000

We live in a smartphone, social media, 14o characters, push notification, instant gratification society. The always connected generation. In other words, we want what we want… now. Unless we can get it sooner. Then we’ll take it sooner. What does this mean for your voice over business? It means you better be prepared to meet […]

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The Right Way to Stay Top Of Mind

One of the marketing lessons I teach is the importance of keeping yourself top of mind. This is something that’s done more easily now than ever before thanks to social media. We have the ability, on any given day, to engage with our voice over leads, prospects and clients through any number of platforms and […]

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VoiceOver.biz Isn’t The Solution You’re Looking For

World-Voices created VoiceOver.biz to be a talent directory… and that’s exactly what is is. A talent directory… just like they said. Just like they’ve repeated. Repeatedly. It seems like every time Voices dot com does something disruptive, the cries go up, once again, for World-Voices to turn VoiceOver.biz into the solution and savior we’re all […]

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