Who Do You Trust To Coach You?

The internet has made it possible for us, as voice actors, to connect with basically any voice over coach in the world. That’s an amazing gift. The internet has also made it possible for anyone who feels like it to call and market themselves as a voice over coach. The question then becomes, who do […]

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Finding Leads Locally – GVAA Training Event

There are countless opportunities for voice over that exist right in your own backyard. Leads you haven’t even thought of, let alone reached out to. Leads that can open a lot of doors, and leads that may very well come with a lot less competition than other typical methods like agents and online casting. You […]

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The Next Travel Accessory For Your Road Gear

I do a fair bit of traveling, which means I’m often taking my gear on the road. I’ve developed some pretty sick skills for building pillow forts and porta-booths in hotel rooms and even in the back seats of rental cars. So when it comes to packing my gear to go, I’m always on the […]

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4 Criteria For Giving Up On A Lead

“Never throw away a lead.” I teach this over and over and over in my courses and coaching. Just because you don’t get an answer the first time you reach out, or even the second time you reach out, does that mean you give up? Not only no. HECK NO! I’ve told stories of leads […]

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