Your VoiceOver Portfolio

Why You Need A Diversified VoiceOver Portfolio

Once upon a time I heard a story about an individual who was involved in network marketing. A very successful individual who had built a rather substantial business and income. They had many levels of people below them who expanded their network greatly. Such is the way it works in network marketing. Or so I […]

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The Importance of Having A Great Team

One of the themes that kept coming up over the weekend at VO Atlanta was that of┬áteam. It’s something, as voice actors, we may not naturally think about, on account of our work can be so isolating by it’s very nature. However, it’s important for us to have a solid team around us. It’s definitely […]

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Why You Should Never Say, “I’ll Try.”

“Do or do not. There is no try.” We’ve all heard it before. Whether we’ve actually seen the Star Wars scene with Yoda and Luke or not. It’s one of he most quoted lines when it comes to success and entrepreneurship. In fact, for any kind of coaching in general. It’s one of those nice […]

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The Importance of Following Casting Directions

One of the quickest ways to ensure you won’t be considered for a voice over job is by failing to follow basic casting instructions. It’s the first impression the client is going to get of you and how you conduct your business. You do NOT want to blow it because you didn’t follow basic direction. […]

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10 Things To Do On The Slow Voice Over Days

It happens. To all of us! Dry-spells. Slow days. Occasionally, slow weeks!! We tend to get stressed out a bit. Why isn’t the work coming? What am I doing wrong? Did all my clients leave me? Hey, we’re creatives. Naturally inclined to drama. You can’t blame us!! The question becomes, what can you do on […]

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