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VoiceOver.biz Isn’t The Solution You’re Looking For

World-Voices created VoiceOver.biz to be a talent directory… and that’s exactly what is is. A talent directory… just like they said. Just like they’ve repeated. Repeatedly. It seems like every time Voices dot com does something disruptive, the cries go up, once again, for World-Voices to turn VoiceOver.biz into the solution and savior we’re all […]

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How To Pick A Voice Over Conference To Attend

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to selecting a voice over conference to attend. So how do you decide when you don’t have the ability to attend them all? Here’s a few tips. Voice Over Conference Options VO Atlanta – voatlanta.me WoVOCon – world-voices.org Mid-Atlantic Voice Over Conference midatlanticvo.com That’s Voiceover – thatsvoiceover.com VO […]

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World-Voices August Rates Roundtable

Dave Courvoisier and Anne Ganguzza host a monthly Rates Roundtable discussion for World-Voices. Each month they’re joined by a fantastic panel of guests to discuss a particular issue, challenge, topic or area of rates as they pertain to the voice over business. For the August 2016 Roundtable, I was invited to participate. The subject we […]

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Two Sites, One Job And A Missing 85%

DISCLAIMER: Out of respect for the client involved in this situation, specific project details have been omitted at their request. If you are familiar with the job posting in question, please do not share specifics. Thank you. Yesterday was an interesting day. It started out like most. A couple scripts to take care of in […]

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