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The Right Way to Stay Top Of Mind

One of the marketing lessons I teach is the importance of keeping yourself top of mind. This is something that’s done more easily now than ever before thanks to social media. We have the ability, on any given day, to engage with our voice over leads, prospects and clients through any number of platforms and […]

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What Is Marketing?

“What exactly is marketing?” I’m glad you asked! The answer; everything! That’s right… everything is marketing! I’ve found clients via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, Google Searches, Email and more. Leads are everywhere and every good lead becomes a potential client if you play your cards right. The flip side of that coin… clients […]

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Broadcasting Auditions on Social Media

Odds are you’ve seen someone do this, or maybe you’ve done it yourself. Broadcasting an audition live on social media using a platform such as Facebook Live or Periscope. The question is, should people be doing this? Today’s special guest contributor is Rob Sciglimpaglia. Not only is he an attorney, he’s also an actor and […]

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Should I Advertise on LinkedIn?

It’s a question I’m asked on a fairly regular basis. In addition to, “should I advertise on Facebook?” Also, “Should I advertise on Twitter?” For now, let’s focus on LinkedIn. Why? Well, recently I received another offer from them to test their advertising platform with a $50 credit. This time, I was unable to take […]

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