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VoiceOver.biz Isn’t The Solution You’re Looking For

World-Voices created VoiceOver.biz to be a talent directory… and that’s exactly what is is. A talent directory… just like they said. Just like they’ve repeated. Repeatedly. It seems like every time Voices dot com does something disruptive, the cries go up, once again, for World-Voices to turn VoiceOver.biz into the solution and savior we’re all […]

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Pro Tips for Using Voice123 SmartCast

It’s no secret how I feel about casting sites. If you’re going to use them, they should be ONE tool in your toolbox. Not the WHOLE toolbox. If you really want to build a sustainable business, you’ve got to do your own marketing and build your own client base. To succeed in online casting, you […]

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Tips For Getting Started With Voice123

Last week Voice123 offered a really great deal to subscribe to the site. Basically, you could get a premium membership for half price. For a lot of people, myself included, it was too good of a deal to pass up. Given all the frustration and constant negative change occurring at one of the other major […]

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bodalgo voice over casting site

Let Me Clear Up Something About Casting Sites

It would seem I’ve built up a bit of a reputation for myself as Mr Anti Casting Sites. After sharing some thoughts on the subject via my blog, and also in panels at VO Atlanta and the Midwest Voice Over Conference, and having countless conversations with other voice actors via email, social media and in […]

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QUICKcast The Voice Realm

The Voice Realm Speaks About QUICKcast Part 2

Last week I conducted an interview with Kurt Myers of The Voice Realm regarding their new QUICKcast feature. Their new feature has certainly created a level of controversy within the industry, as many voice actors were less than impressed with the rate structure. If you haven’t had a chance yet, please check out the interview […]

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