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A Voice Over Usage Red Flag

Usage has always been a hot topic in voice over and with the exponential growth of online video, it’s something we, as voice actors, need to pay even closer attention to. You don’t want to agree to a web video and one day find it’s been turned into a national broadcast commercial! How do you […]

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Defining Revisions Versus Retakes

The term “retakes” is often used to describe any adjustment and/or correction to a voice over after the final recording has taken place. This isn’t accurate. There’s a difference between retakes and revisions and you need to have a policy that covers both. This policy needs to be clearly communicated to your clients each time […]

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13 Minutes for $10,000

We live in a smartphone, social media, 14o characters, push notification, instant gratification society. The always connected generation. In other words, we want what we want… now. Unless we can get it sooner. Then we’ll take it sooner. What does this mean for your voice over business? It means you better be prepared to meet […]

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