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Why You Should Never Prostitute Yourself For Voice Over Work

This week I started reading, “Benjamin Franklin: An American Life” by Walter Isaacson. I was inspired to read it after listening to Isaacson on the Tim Ferris Show. I’m glad I did. Only a few chapters in, I’ve already taken some great notes and learned some valuable lessons. Like the lesson learned from this passage; […]

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Why Your Voice Over Demos Need To Be In The Cloud

Yesterday I ran a casting call for a client in need of a female voice. Something I’m still unable to do myself. The casting was simple enough, “Looking for a North American Female voice. Please send me an MP3 copy of your narration demo by 11pm EST.” Doesn’t get much easier than that, right? Except, […]

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I’m a fairly outspoken fellow when it comes to online casting. In fact, my some of my past blogs have resulted in me being removed from two different castings sites. The thing is, I truly believe that if we want to protect our industry, that means sometimes we’re going to have to stand up to […]

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How to Make Juicy Roast VO Talent

When I reach out to coaches and mentors about contributing to the 12 Voice Over Tips of Christmas, I seldom tell them what to do outside of offer a tip. Sometimes I’ll offer suggestions based on their specific area of expertise, but generally speaking, it’s entirely up to the mentor what they want to offer. […]

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