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Communication is Key to Customer Service

It feels like it’s been six weeks since I had a normal day in the office. Literally. First there was selling a house. Then there was finding and purchasing a new house. Then there was selling a house again (long story). In the midst of that there was also planning a wedding and getting married. […]

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New Clients vs Old Clients; Are You Treating Them Right?

In Canada there are really only a couple of legit cellular providers. This creates a really unfortunate scenario for consumers. Where a lack of options exist, so does a lack of competition. With two providers holding a near monopoly, finding a great deal on a mobile plan and phone is highly unlikely. Now that I’m […]

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What’s Going On With Marc Scott?

In the past few weeks I’ve been mostly absent from the interwebs, and I wanted to take a minute to update you guys on what’s been going on. Back in April I got engaged, my fiancĂ©e sold her house, we began looking for a new house, and started planning a July wedding. So… lots to […]

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The Importance of Proper Input

We’ve been taught since childhood that what we feed our body is going to have a direct impact on how we look and feel. If we’re constantly feeding ourselves junk, we’re probably not going to look or feel how we want. If only vegetables tasted better! Am I right? Our mind is no different. What […]

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The Importance of a First Impression

This afternoon I was out for a walk in my neighborhood. On my travels, I happened past a large work truck. It was very clearly labeled with the name of a business, a few of the services offered and, of course, website and other contact information. As you’d expect for a commercial vehicle. This particular […]

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