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Why Autoplay is a Bad Idea

Getting people to listen to our voice over demos is half the point of getting them onto our websites. If they like what they hear, they’re more likely to book us, after all. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to showcase your demos online. Doing it the wrong way is probably costing […]

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5 Tips for Working From Home

One of my favorite things about being a Voice Actor is working from home. It’s a favorite for many of us. Having the freedom and flexibility to set our schedules. Not having a commute. No annoying co-workers at the office. The list goes on and on. But working from home isn’t always easy. Trying to […]

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5 Must Read Biographies to be a Better Entrepreneur

If you want to be a better voice actor, you’ve got to learn to become a great entrepreneur. When I’m asked for my best advice, that’s always it. Same thing. Every time. To help me become a better entrepreneur, one of my strategies is to learn from people who have done it before me. People […]

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How to Collect on Overdue Invoices

It’s something a lot of voice actors are afraid to do because they’re worried they could lose the client. That’s a terrible way to think! If you did the work you were hired to do, you deserve to get paid… on time! Having trouble collecting on outstanding invoices for your voice over business? Here are […]

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What the Facebook Changes Mean for Your Voice Over Business

Every year, Mark Zuckerberg makes a New Year’s Resolution and 2018 was no different. He vowed (via Facebook) to make changes to Facebook. To “fix Facebook.” That process apparently began yesterday (January 11, 2018) with, what many are referring to as, the “Death of the Facebook Page.” In an update posted on his personal profile […]

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