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A List of Vetted Voice Over Demo Producers

Sticking with last weeks theme of surrounding yourself with a great team (The Importance of Having a Great Team), today I’m offering up another must bookmark list. One thing that angers me more than anything else in our business is when talent get taken advantage of by unscrupulous demo producers. They pay thousands of dollars […]

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A List of Vetted Voice Over Editors

A couple days ago I wrote a post about the importance of having a great team if you want to grow your voiceover business. (The Importance of Having A Great Team) The response to that post inspired me to take things one step further. One area that was repeatedly discussed at VO Atlanta was having […]

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3 More Voice Over Resources You Should Be Using Daily

Yesterday I shared 3 voice over resources that I suggest you use daily. I do. It’s amazing how much free information is floating around out there in cyberspace if you’re willing to go find it. Information from credible sources, too. From voice actors who are actually making a living in the voice over business. Today I’ve […]

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3 Voice Over Resources You Should Be Using Daily

We all have down time between auditions and jobs. What do you do with yours? Are you working on other aspects of your business? Playing games on Facebook or your mobile device? Watching TV? Taking naps? Or are you learning your craft? I spend a good chunk of my time each day reading. The Internet […]

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