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Go into any online community¬†where voice actors hang out, and you’re bound to find plenty of discussions on rates. Plenty of debates too! Many of these discussions, however, will be on things like setting rates. Or, they’ll be anger and sarcastic laced rants about lowball rates. Nothing can get conversation heated up quicker than talking about rates.

That said, there are two topics that are seldom discussed…

Getting Paid (after the work is done) and Raising Rates.

To me, these two topics are just as important as setting your rates in the first place!

In my voice over business I’ve achieved 100% payment for three straight years now on nearly 1,000 invoices!

Want to know how I did it? I’ll tell you!

This year I also found myself in a position where I had to raise rates with a number of clients for the first time.

Want to know how I did it? I’ll tell you!

Included In This One Hour Training

  • My proven 6 step process for getting all your invoices paid.
  • Actual email examples of how to accomplish this.
  • 6 options for making payment easy.
  • 10 must-haves for your invoices.
  • 5 of the most common fears keeping people from raising rates.
  • How to overcome each of those 5 fears.
  • The top reasons for justifying a rate increase.
  • How to have the rate increase conversation.





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