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Writing A Subject Line That Works

MailerMailer is a professional email marketing platform. They know a thing or two about email and how to get them opened, read and clicked. Email Marketing is something I write a lot about. It’s also something I teach. One of the most common questions people ask me about email marketing is, “What do I write […]

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I Don’t Need Help – 4 Dangerous Words

People come to me on a daily basis looking for advice about one thing or another as it relates to their voice over business. When they’re coming to me, generally they’re looking for help with marketing, social media, goal setting, etc. Although, I still get a lot of inquiries about demos, home studio and performance […]

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The Cost of Being the Good Guy

At least a couple times a week I receive emails from hopeful voice actors looking for a little guidance on how to navigate the sometimes complex waterways of our industry. When you’re starting out, it’s overwhelming. This, I completely understand. Been there. Experienced it. Still trying to figure out how to get through it all! […]

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A List of Vetted Voice Over Demo Producers

Sticking with last weeks theme of surrounding yourself with a great team (The Importance of Having a Great Team), today I’m offering up another must bookmark list. One thing that angers me more than anything else in our business is when talent get taken advantage of by unscrupulous demo producers. They pay thousands of dollars […]

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A List of Vetted Voice Over Editors

A couple days ago I wrote a post about the importance of having a great team if you want to grow your voiceover business. (The Importance of Having A Great Team) The response to that post inspired me to take things one step further. One area that was repeatedly discussed at VO Atlanta was having […]

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